Why Secure Zero Clients
Simple, stateless and secure client
endpoint for any user

Why Secure Zero Clients

Why Zero Clients? – A Simple and Secure Client Endpoint

Replace complex desktops, laptops and even thin clients with a high-security and easy to manage zero client.  Connect to remote workstations, virtual workstations, virtual desktops and cloud managed desktops.

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What makes a zero client?

A key aspect of a zero client is the ability to decode a remote display protocol in hardware, a simple statement that has significant benefits for Enterprise IT and users.  PCoIP Zero Clients use purpose built silicon to take PCoIP protocol traffic coming in the network port, perform a simple decode of PCoIP protocol in hardware and then provide display, USB and Audio out.

Look and Feel of a Local Desktop

To the user, it looks like a normal desktop.  They connect a keyboard/mouse, USB peripherals and their displays, but the user desktop and applications are actually running back in the datacentre and delivered over the network using the remote display protocol – PCoIP Protocol.

Supports for Any User

In addition to providing a highly secure client that is simple to use and manage, the zero client hardware decode of the remote display protocol ensures that the desktop performance is determined by the host virtual desktop or remote workstation.  This has many advantages including the ability to have a single client type to deploy across an enterprise regardless of the user performance demands.  For example, a zero client in an Engineering office could be used for administrative staff when connecting to a virtual desktop, or the same zero could be used by an Engineers or designer when connecting to a remote 3D graphics workstation.

Extensive Connection Options

Amulet Hotkey PCoIP zero clients can be used to connect to an extensive range of host solutions. This enables a single client to be used across an enterprise regardless of whether the user needs to connect to a remote workstation, virtual desktop or cloud managed desktop.

Amulet Hotkey Zero Clients Support Connection to:

Physical or virtual remote workstations
for demanding compute and graphics.
Blade Workstations
Rack Workstations
Tower workstations
Virtual Desktop and Applications
for scalable office desktops
VMware Horizon desktops and applications
Cloud Managed Desktops
using cloud datacentre infrastructure
Amazon Web Services Workspaces
VMware Horizon Air Cloud Desktops and Applications
Easiest Client Endpoint to Manage

Zero clients are truly plug-and-play and can be ready to use in less than 5 minutes.  With no local application OS to configure patch, or update the zero clients are extremely easy to deploy and manage.

In fact, desktop/thin clients actually increase the overall management since there are two different OS systems to patch and manage with a host desktop Windows/Linux OS in the datacentre and a client Windows/Linux OS on the client.

Highly Secure with Unique Security Features

The zero client architecture is highly secure with no local application OS or storage, however that is only a small part of the overall security features built into Amulet Hotkey zero clients.

Unique and intelligent hardware USB lockdown Supports complete USB lockdown to prevent unauthorized use of USB peripherals or mass storage devices.  The hardware implementation blocks the USB functions in hardware for an extra layer of security.
Includes support for intelligent USB lockdown which can be used as a white-list and black-list to only allow the use of approved devices.  For example, encrypted flash drives that are approved by an organization can be authorized where all other mass storage devices are blocked.
Smartcard support Including CAC card, SIPR hardware tokens. Includes options for external smart card readers, or integrated smart card readers to keep smartcard USB data within the secure zero client enclosure.
Proximity card support When used with Imprivata OneSign can enable fast “tap-in” to login or switch sessions and authenticate a user quickly, and fast “tap-out” to disconnect the session without touching the keyboard.
IEEE 802.1x Network Authentication Ensure only authorized zero clients can access remote workstation and virtual desktop resources. Includes support for SCEP to simplify network authentication certificate management.
Strong Encryption and Session Negotiation Supports a range of strong encryption and authentication to secure desktop connections.
Includes support for 256-bit AES encryption and NSA certified Suite B ciphers with 192-bit elliptic curve encryption
Certified Manufacturing Includes models that are certified as secure by the UK Government and are listed on the NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue.
All models are TAA compliant
Physical Security Including support for fibre network connections, ground-up design and engineering for EMI protection and Kensington lock slots.



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