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Blade Workstations

The blade form factor provides a compact, powerful and efficient computing infrastructure. Where in the past, it had been reserved for high density server farms, it is now being widely deployed as a full workstation for one to one and one to many applications.

The benefits include enhanced data security, increased flexibility, reduced cost of ownership, simplified disaster recovery, high availability and a longer hardware lifecycle.

Amulet Hotkey leverages the Dell blade form factor to deliver a powerful tier one remote workstation with integrated PCoIP hardware and industry standard GPUs.

Blade servers running VMware Horizon View can be fitted with Amulet Hotkey VDI accelerators and installed alongside blade workstations – by also using PCoIP zero clients as the end-point for these virtual desktops, this provides a single architecture and remote protocol for both task workers and power users.

Flexible, scalable and easily upgradeable

The DXM Blade Workstation is compact, upgradeable and easily scalable. It installs in the award winning PowerEdge M1000e enclosure which provides highly redundant power, cooling and connectivity.

Cost effective

With up to 32, dual Xeon™ blade workstations installed in a single 10U enclosure, the DXM Series makes effective use of limited rack space. Highly efficient power supplies, ease of maintenance and rapid deployment / redeployment also contribute to a fast ROI in most applications.

Centralised Security & Control

The advantages of the centralised blade server in terms of data security and control are well understood but lack of desktop performance, especially for power users, always prevented the model from being successfully extended across the enterprise. The DXM PCoIP Blade workstation changes all this. Now, he centralised model can work without compromising real-time performance for the power user.

Improve Compliance and Business Continuity.

The need for resilient contingency in business and mission critical applications has been well established with regulations in place to define and enforce standards. By allowing workstations and servers alike to be centralised and using stateless zero clients at the desktop, complete data security becomes easier to guarantee. At the same time, back-racked Blade Workstation simplifies disaster recovery by enabling fast, seamless failover.

Enhanced workplace ergonomics

The centralised computing model has all workstations and servers located away from the working environment in a secure datacentre. Ergonomic benefits include: a reduction of background heat and noise in the workplace; valuable office space is no longer taken up by computer hardware; maintenance is simplified; no longer subject to the knocks and scrapes of daily use, the computing hardware lasts longer.

Highly Responsive

One of the key benefits of the PCoIP protocol, used in our DXM Blade Workstations, is the way real-time graphics performance and input responsiveness is maintained. It’s been described as ‘perception free’ in that a user probably won’t notice that they are working on a computer that is located even many hundreds of miles away from the desktop. This makes the DXM Series of Blade of Workstations ideal for business and mission critical applications where accuracy and responsiveness are vital.