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KVM Switches

In 1990 we created one of the first ever keyboard switches to work with the mainframe computer terminals used in banking. From these pioneering beginnings we have been at the forefront of high quality KVM switch design, specialising in secure, completely reliable designs tailored for the business and mission critical applications we have traditionally serviced. Some of those early switches are still being used today, performing flawlessly 24/7. We make the very best KVM switches available.

Ease of Use

Whatever the application, a KVM switch must operate transparently with minimum impact on workflow. Thanks to our innovative design and ground-breaking Mouse Point® software, Amulet Hotkey KVM switches are almost invisible to the user. Intuitive to use and easy to install, they are the first choice for mission critical applications.

Secure Operation

Of paramount importance in the design of a KVM switch is the need for zero crosstalk between channels. Keyboard and mouse traffic destined for one computer should never be accidentally copied to another machine; passwords and key codes should not be logged; and a clandestine path for communication between computers should not be possible. Our KVM switches are totally secure and actively reduce security risks to an absolute minimum.

Dependable Performance

All Amulet Hotkey technology is designed and built for mission critical applications rather than being produced for the low cost volume market. Our clients have come to appreciate the reliability of the hardware and accuracy of the firmware; many of the thousands of KVM switches we have sold are still working perfectly after 12 years of continuous use. One client selected our KVM switch because it survived being dropped from the third storey window! Nothing else matches the quality of an Amulet Hotkey KVM switch.

Highly Featured

Our KVM switches go well beyond the basic functionality found in other switches. For security we use a multi-processor architecture; we support a variety of keyboard and mouse protocols automatically detecting which is appropriate to use; our user interface provides comprehensive feedback about switch status; we support Smart Card switching between computers; stereo audio switching and mixing and now support enterprise wide monitoring and upgrading over the network.