Amulet Hotkey and Arkia Tech Join Forces at TechNet Asia-Pacific 2017 to Showcase Secure C4ISR Solutions

Press Release

New York, October 27, 2017 – Amulet Hotkey Ltd., a leader in design, manufacturing and system integration of high availability solutions for remote physical and virtual workstation and secure end-points, will join Akira Technologies in booth 1004 to showcase agile and secure C4ISR solutions at AFCEA TechNet Asia-Pacific 2017, October 31 to November 2, 2017 in Honolulu.

“We invite TechNet Asia-Pacific attendees to ‘enhance your awareness’“, said John Beglan, chief operating officer, Amulet Hotkey Inc. “Our solutions bring security, agility and availability for sharing sensitive data within and across departments and agencies to enhance 360° situational awareness. We can help you transform to meet the challenge of enhancing mission assurance and resilience while providing benefits such as anywhere access, no moving data and strong encryption for secure authoritative data sources. Leverage our proven solutions which include unique features that extend security and reliability in mission critical environments.”

Company staff will be available to showcase key secure, command center and end-point solutions. Ask our experts about how we can help with solutions for your specific requirements.

Key deployment and solution examples:

  • Zero clients for cost effective secure remote access for field, local or national centers.
  • Rapidly deployable workstations for fixed, mobile or forward deployment.
  • Command & control with high availability, compute and graphics acceleration to speed C4ISR operations, including machine learning and rapid imaging analysis.
  • Command display wall systems with no distance limitations to source hosts including securely consolidating feeds from different security environments, agencies and nations.
  • Advanced training, visualization and operations simulation.

Secure zero client end-points

  • Secure and reliable end-point that is simple to use and manage.
  • Support for high resolution monitors including dual, quad and octal+
  • Rack mounted zero clients for large display walls.
  • Connect to remote physical or virtual 3D workstations, VMware Horizon virtual desktops and applications, or Amazon Web Services Workspaces cloud desktops.
  • Only encrypted display pixels are sent to the client – therefore no sensitive data reaches the client.
  • No X86, no Windows or Linux application OS, no hard-drive or local storage at client for reliability and to eliminate common security exploits.
  • Extensive security features: unique USB security authorization, smartcard, proxcard, security token support, 256-bit AES encryption for example.
  • Mission critical design: low power, advanced shielding and thermal management, locking power cords and optional redundant network ports.
  • Model options that are certified as secure by NATO NIAPC
  • All models are TAA compliant. TEMPEST options are available.

CoreStation Remote Physical Workstations:

  • Industry leading remote blade workstations that combine best in class performance with a highly efficient footprint.
  • Industry leading remote Rack workstations for extreme users.
  • External solutions to remote closed systems, legacy PCs or laptops.
  • All our solutions include a separate network interface for the remote display protocol for additional security and to simplify deployment in Multi-Level Security Networks.

CoreStation Remote Virtual Workstations

  • Industry leading blade and rack solutions for performance virtual workstations.
  • Ability to increase efficiency and flexibility using the latest virtual GPUs for virtual workstation.
  • Support for VMware and Citrix with NVIDIA Tesla, Quadro vDWS, GRID vPC / vAPP and AMD MxGPU virtual GPUs.

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About TechNet Asia-Pacific 2017

TechNet Asia-Pacific, now in its 32nd year, is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and AFCEA Hawaii. It is the largest event in the Pacific Rim focusing on regional defense issues. Keynote speakers, panel moderators and panelists will discuss defense policies and challenges in the Asia-Pacific region and their relevance to both industry and government. Industry exhibitors will demonstrate products and solutions to meet the military services’ requirements.

TechNet Asia-Pacific 2017 will be hosted at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii from October 31 to November 2, 2017. For more information see

About AFCEA International and AFCEA Hawaii

AFCEA International, established in 1946, is a non-profit organization serving its members by providing a forum for the ethical exchange of information and dedicated to increasing knowledge through the exploration of issues relevant to its members in information technology, communications and electronics for the defense, homeland security and intelligence communities.

AFCEA Hawaii is made up of more than 700 members representing the military, federal government and industry. Though we may have diverse backgrounds, our unified goal is to support the mission of AFCEA and ultimately the security of our nation.

About Arkia Technologies

Akira Technologies Inc. is an information technology company delivering sophisticated, customized solutions that improve business efficiency. Akira Tech is an authorized Value Added Reseller and master aggregator for a vast vendor community, comprising of more than 75 OEMs. In addition, through secured and long-standing relationships with large distributors like Ingram Micro, Synnex and Tech Data, Akira Tech has the ability to supply USCIS with hardware and software products.

Akira Tech is an agile provider of technical solutions that enable mission-critical operations and decision-making. Our solutions help our customers improve their business performance through information technology transformation services focusing on architecture, information management, systems integration and integrated solutions. For more information see

About Amulet Hotkey

Amulet Hotkey is a proven innovator in design, manufacturing and system integration of high availability solutions for remote physical or virtual workstation, as well as virtual and cloud desktop that are optimized for both mission and business critical applications to deliver robust, secure and uncompromised performance backed up by world-class support. Amulet Hotkey partners with leading manufacturers of data center, cloud and virtualization technologies that enable them to bring to market unique solutions tailored to enterprise IT needs for a truly flexible and scalable computing architecture. Amulet Hotkey customers include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises as well as local and national governments.  The Amulet Hotkey solutions are deployed in command and control, emergency call centers, investment banks, oil & gas, CAD designers, digital content creation, and post production studios around the world.

Amulet Hotkey was founded in 1990, and is headquartered in the UK where design and manufacturing facilities are based with sales, support and technology centers in London and New York.  For more information see

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