Amulet Hotkey Launches World’s First Hardware-Virtualized GPU Solution on Dell Blade Servers

Amulet Hotkey launches highest density virtual workstation solution using the World’s First Hardware Virtualized GPU solution on scalable Dell M-series Blade Servers.  The new DXG-S7100X Enterprise Graphics Virtualization card combines Amulet Hotkey design and system integration with the AMD FirePro S7100X Multi-user GPU technology and Dell PowerEdge M630 blade Server. The result is the highest density virtual workstation solution (3x advantage) due to optimal matching of physical CPU cores on the blade server and the Multiuser GPU capability of the S7100X MxGPU.  The DXG-S7100X improves the workstation user experience providing consistency, scalability, manageability and enhanced security.   Enterprise IT can allocate predictable graphics and CPU compute resources to a wide range of users such as knowledge workers, power users and designers/engineers.