Amulet Hotkey Zero Clients Selected by Norwegian Defence Organization

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London, UK, November 14, 2016 – Amulet Hotkey Ltd., a leader in design, manufacturing and system integration for remote physical and virtual workstation solutions, today announced the selection of it’s DXZC-M zero client by a Norwegian defence organization.

“We developed the DXZC range of zero clients from the ground up to meet and exceed the demanding security requirements of government while addressing the graphic and performance needs of users,” said Tony Hilliard, Group Sales Director, Amulet Hotkey Ltd. “being selected by a European Defence organization demonstrates the benefit of Amulet Hotkey zero clients in a security conscious deployment.”

Amulet Hotkey DXZC zero clients provide key benefits including:

  • Extensive Endpoint Security – Only display pixels are sent to the client allowing application data to remain locked down in a secure data centre. No sensitive data reaches the endpoint since there is no Windows or Linux OS to patch or upgrade, no hard drive or application data storage. Many other security features including: unique USB security authorization, smartcard, proxcard and security token support, controlled SSL certificate trust store, 256-bit/128-bit AES and NSA Suite B encryption cyphers and feature/menu lockdown.
  • Mission Critical Design – The DXZC clients are TAA compliant and engineered for security, reliability, and strict emissions control. The DXZC supports standard RJ45 copper network connections, or SFP slots for either copper or fibre modules.
  • CESG CPA and NATO Certification – The DXZC-A series of PCoIP Zero Clients certified as secure for Remote Desktop Security Characteristic version 1.0 at Foundation Grade. CESG Certificate number: RDT5722298.  The DXZC clients are listed on the NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue
  • Flexible deployment– The DXZC support a variety of users across multiple locations connecting to remote physical or virtual 3D workstations, VMware Horizon virtual desktops and applications, or Amazon Web Services Workspaces cloud desktops.
  • Exceptional user experience – The DXZC support a range of users from mainstream office desktops to the highest performance 3D graphics workstations.
  • Lower power – less than 10W at the desktop eliminates heat and noise to improve the work environment while reducing operational cost.

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