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Cyber Warriors – the new front lines.
Protecting your people, resources and assets in cyberspace

The landscape and lines are changing from barb wire and muddy trenches to virtual lines in cyberspace. Cyber-warriors can operate 100% in cyberspace or engage the physical world by controlling unmanned systems remotely. Cybersecurity impacts everyone whether a cyber-warrior, government employee, private enterprise employee or an individual. All play a part to keep people, resources and assets safe and to ensure strong national security posture.

That’s why cyber warrior kit starts with a secure endpoint!


Endpoint Architecture & Security Arms Race Challenge

Endpoint security is a key factor as it is the new ‘front door’ that can be exposed to:

  • Malicious threats,
  • Exploits, and Attacks

A comprehensive approach to cybersecurity is essential; starting with your front door!

The majority of endpoints such as desktops, laptops, thin clients, tablets and smartphones are difficult to secure due to the architecture of having an application processor, and applications on the client.  Software security is complex and inherently vulnerable resulting in an arms-race between hackers and software security vendors.

User applications need to run somewhere to be productive – that is where software security is needed.  But why not simply avoid common threats and exploits at the client end-point itself to reduce the overall attack surface and allow security teams to focus on a smaller application execution environment?

Protect your ‘front door’ with a secure, stateless endpoint

PCoIP Zero Clients eliminate common exploits and threat vectors by implementing the remote display protocol in hardware as a single purpose device.  Move applications and data away from the endpoint completely and use the client for secure access only. 

PCoIP Zero Client – uses Teradici PCoIP processors for hardware PCoIP remote display protocol decoding. 

Strong encryption: – all management and session communications are secured using encryption options that include 256-bit AES encryption with SHA256 or SHA384 authentication. 

Hardware security lockdown: designed for strict emissions control, integrated smartcard reader and intelligent USB lockdown to blacklist and white list USB peripherals in hardware. 

Mission critical features: design for long term operation, locking power cord to prevent accidental removal, ability to disable control buttons to allow zero client to be put in a secure cabinet or cable tray while avoiding accidental operation (ie accidental session disconnect). Redundant network ports and more.

Tough and reliable: low profile strong metal enclosure with advanced engineering for security, durability and  fan-less thermal management for no moving parts to enhance reliability.

Looking for secure remote workstation solutions?

NATO NIAPC Certified Clients!

CPA Certified (Secure) Zero Clients