Rackmount Zero Clients
High-Density Zero Client Rack
for Performance Display Walls

Rackmount Zero Clients

Unique Mission / Business Critical Zero Client

Amulet Hotkey’s DXR-Z4 rack mount zero clients provide a unique high-density solution for mission critical environments where robust operation and redundancy features are required.  The DXR-Z4 can be used to create flexible control room, enterprise and production entertainment video display walls while providing a clean, organized and extensible infrastructure.

Aggregate a wide range of source computers or workstations to provide the information and data operators need to make rapid and effective decisions.

Rackmount Zero Client Key Features and Benefits
  • Why a rackmount zero client endpoint?

    Large multi-monitor and high-resolution display walls often require powerful workstations to drive high-quality real-time video, 3D graphics and maps/imaging. It may not be desirable or possible to position these workstations close to the display wall. In some cases the source computing may be in another building, city, country or on another continent.

    Zero clients are an ideal solution to connect to any source computers that could be blade, rack or tower workstations, laptops, virtual workstations/desktops, cloud managed desktops or even closed systems with digital video outputs.

    Display wall deployment examples:

    • Command and control rooms
    • Enterprise display walls
    • Media and entertainment display walls for productions and events.

    Drive up to 48 displays from a 3U DXiP Rack system

    The Amulet Hotkey DXR-Z4 is a purpose-built quad display secure zero client that fits in a DXiP Rack to provide a clean, efficient, scalable and extensible display wall solution.

    • Support up to 24 high-resolution displays up to 3440 x 1440 when connecting the DXR-Z4 to a virtual desktop using VMware Horizon.
    • Support up to 24 high-resolution displays up to 2560 x 1600 when connecting the DXR-Z4 to any source computer or system using Amulet Hotkey KVM Extender hosts.
    • Support up to 48 displays up to 1920 x 1200 resolution when connecting the DXR-Z4 to any source computer or system using Amulet Hotkey KVM Extender hosts or virtual workstations, virtual desktops using VMware Horizon, or Amazon Workspaces cloud desktops.
  • No distance limitations between host computers and client endpoints

    The Amulet Hotkey DXR-Z4 connects to source computers that use Amulet Hotkey KVM Extenders or virtual workstations, virtual desktops and cloud managed desktops over standard IP networks.  The source computers and workstations can be can be local, across the country or across continents.

    Contact us for more information on options to configure networks and tune PCoIP configuration settings to optimize the user experience.

  • Designed for mission critical environments

    The DXR-Z4 zero client card and DXiP Rack are designed and manufactured for mission and business critical environments with features such as chassis redundant power supplies.

    In-house design and manufacturing for quality control
    Amulet Hotkey takes a comprehensive approach to ensure your success from planning through deployment, management and support.  This starts with Amulet Hotkey’s long standing commitment to in-house product design and manufacturing which provides a level of control and security lacking in vendors that rely on remote contract manufacturing.  We understand our products from the core PCB, thermal and EMI design, manufacturing line, packaging and system architecture to configuration and deployment which enables an enhanced level of quality and technical support.

    ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification
    Amulet Hotkey is deeply committed to achieving consistent high-levels of quality, reliability, security and customer service.  Amulet Hotkey has been accredited by the British Assessment Bureau for the latest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard certification. Certificate Number: 212920.

  • Performance quad display client

    The DXR-Z4 provides hardware PCoIP protocol decode on quad high-resolution displays for demanding video or 3D graphics from remote virtual desktops, virtual workstations or physical workstations.

    2x imaging performance compared to dual display DXZC-series clients
    The DXR-Z4 features two PCoIP imaging engines for up to 250Mpps (million pixels per second) imaging performance where dual display zero clients only support a single PCoIP imaging engine for up to 130Mpps. With nearly 2x imaging performance, the DXR-Z4 provides additional benefit for dual high-resolution display as well as quad display configurations. Note that Amulet Hotkey KVM Extender hosts and remote workstation cards can generate up to 250Mpps of source imaging.

  • Ultra-High Security

    Send display pixels not user/application data
    Protect corporate or government information by moving workstations into a data center.  Use centralized workstations, virtual workstations, virtual desktop and/or cloud managed desktop solutions to keep sensitive information within the data center and only send encrypted display pixels to the DXR-Z4 zero client endpoints.

    Unique features to enhance security
    DXR-Z4 zero clients, help further enhance security by providing a secure and stateless endpoint with silicon-based PCoIP protocol decoding, no hard drive, no local storage, no local GPU or drivers to reduce the endpoint attack surface. The DXR-Z4 zero clients provide many advanced and unique features such as intelligent USB lockdown, integrated smartcard readers, IEEE 802.1x network authentication. In addition, the DXR-Z4 clients provide physical security features such as support for fibre network connections as well as ground-up design and engineering for EMI protection.

    Advanced session encryption
    When using DXR-Z4 zero clients, the connection can be secured with advanced security algorithms such as 256-bit AES– used by governments to protect classified information.

  • Easiest client endpoint to manage

    Zero clients are truly plug-and-play and can be ready to use in less than 5 minutes. With no local application OS to configure or patch, the zero clients are extremely easy to deploy and manage.

DXR-Z4 Quad Display Zero Client Card

The Amulet Hotkey DXR-Z4 is a unique quad display rackmount PCoIP zero client for scalable display walls and mission critical environments. The DXR-Z4 can be used to create flexible control room, enterprise and production entertainment video display walls while providing a clean, organized and extensible infrastructure.

Technical Specifications

Product Notices:


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Datasheet Quick Start Guide Manuals + Firmware & BIOS Software & Drivers Compliance

Form factor: Modular card for DXiP Rack
Processor: Teradici TERA2140 PCoIP Processor
Memory: 512MB DDR3
PCoIP Decode: Hardware
Connectivity: Amulet Hotkey CoreStation solutions for:

  • Dedicated Workstations (blade, rack or tower)
  • Virtual Workstations
  • Virtual Desktops

Cloud Managed Desktops

Amulet Hotkey KVM Extender and Remote Workstation cards

Displays: 4
Display Resolution Up to Dual 2560×1600 or 3440×1440 (notes) per card for up to 24 displays per DXiP Rack
Up to Quad 1920×1200 per card for up to 48 displays per DXiP Rack
Display Interface: 4x Mini DisplayPort (dual mode)
USB Ports: 3x USB 2.0 ports.
Audio Ports: Stereo headphone 3.5mm jack
Stereo microphone input 3.5mm jack
Stereo line out 3.5mm jack
Redundant Network: Yes – 2 network ports.
Network Ports: DXR-Z4 personality modules including:
RJ45 variant: RJ45 10/100/1000
SFP variant: SFP slot for 100Mbit/s or 1Gbit/s copper or fibre modules
Encryption: 256-bit or 128-bit AES, NSA Suite B Ciphers (notes)
Smart card: Support for external smart card, proxcard readers.
Certifications and Compliance: The DXR-Z4 is TAA compliant
Contact us for TEMPEST versions approved to NATO SDIP-27 Level A and Level B by our TEMPEST-certified NCSC and NATO partners
Conforms to relevant parts of EN55024, EN55022, CE and FCC Part 15
Temperature Range: Operating: 0° to 35°C (59° to 95° F)
Storage: -10° to 60°C (15° to 145° F)
Contact us for extended temperature range zero client models.
Cooling: Provided by the DXiP Rack
Size (WxHxD): DXR-Z4: 25 x 132 x 261 mm (1.0 x 5.2 x 10.3 in)
Personality module: 25 x 132 x 93 mm (1.0 x 5.2 x 3.7 in)
Power Provided by the DXiP Rack with fully redundant and hot-swappable power supplies.
Security option to split power supplies across cards. (notes)
DXiP Rack

The Amulet Hotkey DXiP Rack is a 3U enclosure with high availability and security features for DXR cards such as DXR-H4 KVM Extender cards and DXR-Z4 secure zero client cards.

Technical Specifications

Product Notices:


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Datasheet Quick Start Guide Manuals + Firmware & BIOS Software & Drivers Compliance

Form factor: 3U enclosure for 19” racks
Capacity:  12x DXR-Z4 zero client card slots
Power Distribution: The DXiP Rack is available in models to support different power distribution options.

Standard rack: a single or dual redundant PSUs provide power to all 12x card slots.

Split rack: provides isolated power domains with eash PSU providing power to 6x card slots. (notes)

Power Supplies: 2x 22V 350W modular PSU (second power supply is optional for the standard rack model)
Power failure alarm (notes).
Power: 300W typical fully populated with 12x DXR-H4 KVM Extender Hosts or DXR-Z4 zero client cards
Cooling: Active cooling
Size(WxHxD): 483 x 133 x 344 mm (19 x 5.2 x 13.5”)
Weight 6 Kg (13 lbs) enclosure and 1 PSU with no cards
11 Kg (24 lbs) fully populated
Compliance: TAA Compliant
European CE, UL, RoHS
Class A conforming to relevant sections of EN55024-2010, EN55022-2010, FCC Part 15B


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