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Amazon Workspaces

Amazon Web Services provides virtual desktops in the cloud with Amazon Workspaces – a fully managed desktop computing service which runs on the AWS cloud.  Amazon Workspaces allows the provisioning of cloud-based virtual desktops that your users can access remotely over the Internet.  The desktops can be provisioned in different regions within the Amazon cloud according to your environment.  Enterprise IT deploy Cloud Managed Desktops for many reasons including:

  • Leverage cloud service provider data center infrastructure.
  • Pay-as-you-go/grow business model.
  • Lack of space or power in the Enterprise data center.
  • Disaster recovery / business continuity solution.


High Security Client for Amazon Workspaces

Amulet Hotkey zero clients provide a high-security and easy to use client endpoint to connect to an Amazon Workspaces managed desktop. With no X86 processor, no Windows or Linux client OS and no local data storage, Amulet Hotkey zero clients are highly secure, easy to use and manage and provide an exceptional user experience from basic office desktops though to the most demanding 3D workstation applications.

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Seamless Desktop Combining Workstation and Cloud Desktop

Many workstations are tailored to the specific applications needed by professionals. However, updates to other non-workstation applications can interfere with workstation apps and increase management costs. An option to avoid these challenges is to provide Workstation users a companion virtual desktop, or cloud managed desktop for non-workstation applications. Amulet Hotkey K4u+ KM switch enables a seamless desktop experience by automatically switching between the Workstation and Virtual Desktop from a single keyboard and mouse.

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