Virtual Rack Workstation
Highest performance for virtual Workstations

Virtual Rack Workstation

Virtual Rack workstations provide additional PCIe slots to accommodate virtual GPU cards as well as PCoIP Hardware Accelerator cards to offload graphics rendering and remote display protocol encoding from the server CPU. The benefit is increased workstation consolidation while providing users an exceptional user experience. The result is a remote workstation that users can access locally, from any meeting room, from home, across the country or continent-to-continent.

CoreStation Virtual Rack Workstation Key Features and Benefits
  • Racks Provide Highest Performance for Virtual Workstations

    Virtual Rack Workstation provide the highest performance for virtual workstations due to support for multiple virtual GPUs in each server. The number of virtual workstations will be limited by the combination of demanding workstation applications and a limit of dual CPU sockets in the server.

    Virtual Rack Workstation Virtual Blade Workstation
    • Support for multiple GPUs per server.
    • Multiple virtual GPUs can result in an imbalance of GPU to CPU resources.
    • Fits well where more than 16GB of video memory is required for each virtual workstation.
    • Uses more rack space – up to 5 dual socket servers in 10U.
    • Support for a single virtual GPU per server.
    • Provides an optimal balance of virtual GPU and CPU resources.
    • Fits well where up to 16GB video memory is required for the virtual workstations.
    • Uses less space – up to 16 dual socket servers in 10U.
    • Blade enclosures consolidate networking, storage, management and redundant power supplies.
  • Workstation power and performance

    Powerful Single or Dual CPUs
    With support for the latest dual Intel® Xeon™ Scalable processors, the CoreStation Virtual Rack Workstations such as the CoreStation VR740 offer up to 56 processing cores per CPU, up to 3TB of RAM and local or SAN / network storage to handle your tough workloads and large datasets.

    Supports Virtual GPUs for graphics and compute acceleration
    Each rack server can support multiple virtual GPU, such as AMD FirePro MxGPU or NVIDIA Tesla with CUDA or OpenCL, to boost multiuser display performance and accelerate compute, rendering, simulation, modelling, analytics or deep learning workloads. Can be used to support virtual workstations that require >16GB of video memory each.

  • Flexible, efficient and agile architecture

    Leverage the management and agility of virtual desktops for your workstation users. Virtual GPUs provide multiuser hardware acceleration to enable virtualization of workstations that were previously limited by software display rendering in VDI.

    Share hardware resources across multiple users and quickly adapt to changing organization or workload requirements.

  • Enhance Security

    Send display pixels not user/application data
    Protect corporate or government information by moving workstations into a data center. Use virtual workstation solutions such as VMware Horizon to keep sensitive information within the data center and only sends encrypted display pixels to client endpoints.

    Secure zero client endpoints
    Amulet Hotkey zero clients, help further enhance security by providing a secure and stateless client endpoint with no X86 processor, no hard drive, no local storage, no local GPU or drivers to reduce the endpoint attack surface.

  • Performance Remote Access for Mobility and Flexible Workstyles

    Mobile workstation options must trade-off memory/storage capacity, performance, battery life and even device weight. Virtualized workstations enable flexible and mobile workstyles without compromising on workstation capability and performance. Mobile devices such as laptops and tables simply need to decode the remote display protocol which enables use of smaller, lower cost devices with longer battery life.

CoreStation VR740 Virtual Rack Workstation

The Amulet Hotkey CoreStation VR740 Virtual Rack Workstation is based on the enterprise class Dell 14th generation PowerEdge R740 blade server using Intel Xeon Scalable processors combined with virtual GPUs using NVIDIA Tesla vGPU or AMD FirePro MxGPU cards. While it has a lower density compared to virtual blade workstations, it can provide a higher performance solution where more than 16GB video memory is required per virtual workstation.

Technical Specifications

Form factor: 2U rack enclosure
Processors: One or two Intel® Xeon™  Scalable processors up to 28 cores per process
Memory: Up to 3TB ECC Registered DDR4 (24 DIMM slots): RDIMM/LRDIMM speeds up to 2666MT/s. Up to 12 NVDIMM, up to 192GB
Storage: Up to 16 x 2.5” SAS/SATA (HDD/SSD) up to 61TB; or up to 8 x 3.5” SAS/SATA HDD up to 80TB. Optional DVD-ROM, DVD+RW
Storage controller: Internal controllers: PERC H330, H730p, H740p, HBA330, Software RAID (SWRAID) S140
Boot Optimized Storage Subsystem: HWRAID 2 x M.2 SSDs 120GB, 240 GB
External PERC (RAID): H840
External HBAs (non-RAID): 12 Gbps SAS HBA
Virtual Storage: VMware vSAN or other hyperconvergence solution
Network: 4x 1Gbit/s, 2x 1Gbit/s + 2x 10Gbit/s, 4x 10Gbit/s
USB Front ports: Video, 2 x USB 2.0, available USB 3.0, dedicated IDRAC Direct Micro-USB
Rear ports: Video, serial, 2 x USB 3.0, dedicated iDRAC network port
Expansion Riser options with up to eight PCIe Gen 3 slots, maximum of 4 x 16 slots
Graphics: Up to three virtual GPUs up to 300W each; or up to six GPUs up to 150W each.

NVIDIA Tesla P40 virtual GPU accelerator
Supports NVIDIA Quadro vDWS software with up to 24 users (notes)
24GB GDDR5 memory
PCIe x16 Gen 3.0, dual slot, full-height, full-length


  • VMware vSphere 6.0+ / Horizon
  • Citrix XenServer / XenDesktop / XenApp

AMD FirePro S7150x2 MxGPU
Support AMD Radeon Pro software with up to 32 users
16GB GDDR5 memory
PCIe x16 Gen 3.0, dual slot, full-length, full-height


  • VMware vSphere 6.0+ / Horizon
  • Citrix XenServer/XenDesktop/XenApp
Communications: NIC and Fibre Channel HBA options from Broadcom, Intel, Mellanox, Emulex and Qlogic. 
Connection options:

Connection Broker options:

  • VMware Horizon
  • Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp
Client compatibility:

VMware Horizon

  • Amulet Hotkey Zero Clients (hardware performance)
    VMware Horizon Client
  • Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp
  • Citrix Receiver
Embedded /
at-server management:
Chassis Management Controller (CMC), IPMI 2.0 compliant,
iDRAC9 Express or Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller, Redfish compliant, at-server LCD screen and local server KVM access.
Size (WxHxD): 434 x 86.8 x 715.5mm (17.1 x 3.4 x 28.2 in)

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