Deliver a seamless productive and desktop experience when simultaneously working with multiple workstations or across multiple secure networks

There are many scenarios where users need a multi-display configuration that connect from a single keyboard and mouse to multiple workstations or desktops that may be local (desk-side), remote or virtual.

Key Features and Benefits

Connect 4+ Computers With No Distance Limitations

Amulet Hotkey’s K4u+ KM switch allows the connection of up to 4 Workstations/Desktops to a single keyboard, mouse or peripheral set. Cascade switches to connect to more than 4 computers.

Combine K4u+ with Zero Clients for no distance limitations.

While the K4u+ can be connected directly to workstations at the user’s desk, it is also compatible with Amulet Hotkey Zero Clients for maximum flexibility and efficiency allowing connections to remote physical or virtual workstations, virtual desktops and/or cloud desktops. Each of the remote workstations or desktops can be securely accessed within the office, across the country, or continent-to-continent.

Mission-Critical Design

The K4u+ is designed from the ground up for mission and business-critical environments and includes features such as redundant power management, power cord lock and robust metal enclosure.

In-house design and manufacturing for quality control

Amulet Hotkey takes a comprehensive approach to ensure your success from planning through deployment, management, and support. This starts with Amulet Hotkey’s long-standing commitment to in-house product design and manufacturing which provides a level of control and security lacking in vendors that rely on remote contract manufacturing. We understand our KVM Switches from the core PCB, thermal and EMI design, manufacturing line, packaging and system architecture to configuration and deployment which enables an enhanced level of quality and technical support.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification

Amulet Hotkey is deeply committed to achieving consistent high-levels of quality, reliability, security and customer service. Amulet Hotkey has been accredited by the British Assessment Bureau for the latest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard certification.

Certificate Number: 212920

Extensive Security

The K4u+ is TAA compliant and incorporates our no-compromise KeyStop™ architecture that prevents channel cross-talk or key-stroke recording/key logging. KeyStop guarantees zero channel cross-talk and eliminates buffered key codes to improve security in deployments such as multi-level security access where channel separation is required. Also, the K4u+ supports smart cards and automatically manages the card reader connection to the attached workstations/desktops to simplify the login process.

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Seamless workspace and Mouse Point automatic channel switching

The K4u+ includes many features to boost user productivity and efficiency including enabling the creation of a seamless desktop experience across multiple workstations and/or desktops using Mouse Point. Mouse Point automatically switches from one workstation to another by simply moving the cursor to another screen. Mouse Point supports flexible monitor layouts up to 32 monitors, which can be user configured through an intuitive graphical interface.

SaverSync automatic display management

Also, the K4u+ screen SaverSync ensures that all of the user screens remain active to display vital data and an efficient workflow, while still adhering to corporate power reduction/green computing policies. SaverSync ensures that all displays across each workstation remain active while there is activity on any channel. Screen savers only activate after there is no keyboard/mouse inactivity across all channels for a period of time.

Instant channel switching

The K4u+ supports instant channel switching by incorporating USB emulation and hosting capability.

World-class Quality and Support

Amulet Hotkey’s long-standing commitment to in-house product design and manufacturing provides a unique level of control and security. In-house design control of the circuit boards, thermal and EMI designs, manufacturing processes, and system architecture enables an enhanced level of quality and technical support.

Use Case: Multi-Level Network Security


Users are required to work on workstations or desktops that are connected to networks with different security levels.

Commonly used by

  • Defense & Military.
  • Government.
  • Intelligence.
  • Healthcare.

Deployment example

Analyst using K4u+ and zero clients to work on any network from non-classified, SIPRNet, NIPRNet to JWICS or Non-classified, OFFICIAL, SECRET, to TOP SECRET.

Use Case: Workflow Productivity


Workflow requires access to multiple workstations or desktops running different applications and different platform performance levels.

Commonly used by

  • Design & Simulation.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Media & Entertainment.

Deployment example

An artist using K4u+ and zero clients to access different pre-post production video editing workstations.

  • Pre-production video and storyboard tools on a low-mid range physical or virtual workstation.
  • Post-production design and editing tools on a mid-range physical or virtual workstation.
  • Post-production rendering and transcoding on a high-end physical or virtual workstation.
  • General office applications on a virtual desktop or cloud-managed desktop.
Use Case: Managing Licensing Restrictions


Application, software or hardware licensing restricts use to a particular platform or prevents other software being installed on the same workstation or desktop.

Commonly used by

  • Design & Simulation Software.
  • Financial Services Software.
  • Medical Imaging & Diagnostic Systems.

Deployment example

Trader working on Bloomberg workstation, Thompson Reuters workstation and a virtual or cloud desktop for general office applications.

Use Case: Workstation Performance & Stability


Increase workstation performance and stability while reducing IT support effort by separating applications and potentially conflicting drivers onto different workstations/desktops.

Commonly used by

  • Media & Entertainment.
  • Engineering & Manufacturing.

Deployment example

IT segmentation of design and simulation applications on different workstations to isolate applications and/or drivers and updates and providing a virtual desktop or cloud-managed desktop for general office applications.


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