High-Density Zero Client Rack for Data Centers and Display Walls

Amulet Hotkey’s DXR-Z4 rack mount zero client array provides a unique high-density solution for mission-critical environments where robust operation and redundancy features are required. The DXR-Z4 can be used to a create flexible control room, enterprise and production entertainment video display walls while providing a clean, organized and extensible infrastructure. The related DXR-Z4 zero client card and DXiP Rack enclosure are designed and manufactured for mission and business-critical environments with features such as chassis redundant power supplies.

Key Features and Benefits

Why a Rackmount Zero Client Endpoint?

Large multi-monitor and high-resolution display walls often require powerful workstations to drive high-quality real-time video, 3D graphics and maps/imaging. It may not be desirable or possible to position these workstations close to the display wall. In some cases, the source computing may be in another building, city, country or on another continent.

Zero clients are an ideal solution to connect to any source computers that could be blade, rack or tower workstations, laptops, virtual workstations/desktops, cloud-managed desktops or even closed systems with digital video outputs.

The Amulet Hotkey DXR-Z4 is a purpose-built quad display secure zero client that fits in a 3U DXiP Rack system to provide a clean, efficient, scalable and extensible display wall solution.

Support up to:

  • 24 high-resolution displays up to 3840x2160 when connecting the DXR-Z4 to a virtual desktop using VMware Horizon.
  • 24 high-resolution displays up to 3840x2160 when connecting the DXR-Z4 to any source computer or system using Amulet Hotkey KVM Extender hosts.
  • 48 displays up to 1920x1200 resolution when connecting the DXR-Z4 to any source computer or system using Amulet Hotkey KVM Extender hosts or virtual workstations, virtual desktops using VMware Horizon, or Amazon Workspaces cloud desktops.

Display wall deployment examples:

  • Command and control rooms.
  • Enterprise display walls.
  • Media and entertainment display walls for productions and events.
No Distance Limitations Between Host Computers and Client Endpoints

The Amulet Hotkey DXR-Z4 connects to source computers that use Amulet Hotkey KVM Extenders or virtual workstations, virtual desktops and cloud-managed desktops over standard IP networks. The source computers and workstations can be local, across the country or across continents.

Performance Quad Display Client

The DXR-Z4 provides up to 250Mpps (million pixels per second) hardware PCoIP decoding on quad, high-resolution displays for demanding video or 3D graphics from remote virtual desktops, virtual workstations or physical workstations, matching the capabilities of Amulet Hotkey KVM Extender hosts and remote workstation cards which generate up to 250Mpps of source imaging.

World-class Quality and Support

Amulet Hotkey’s long-standing commitment to in-house product design and manufacturing provides a unique level of control and security. In-house design control of the circuit boards, thermal and EMI designs, manufacturing processes, and system architecture enables an enhanced level of quality and technical support.

Ultra-High Security

Unique features to enhance security

DX Series Zero Clients and Host Cards provide a highly secure and stateless client endpoint with no x86 processor, no hard drive, no local storage, no local GPU and no drivers – all of which reduce the attack surface.

DX Series Zero Clients and Host Cards provide many advanced and unique features such as:

  • Intelligent USB lockdown
  • IEEE 802.1x network authentication, fiber networking
  • Engineered for EMI protection
  • Optional embedded smart card readers
  • Advanced security algorithms such as 256-bit AES and NSA Suite B cryptography
  • TEMPEST model options

Transmit display pixels and not application data

Protect corporate or government information by moving workstations into a data center. Use centralized workstations, virtual workstations, virtual desktop and/or cloud managed desktop solutions to keep sensitive information within the data center and only send encrypted display pixels to the DX Series Zero Client.

Easiest Client Endpoint to Manage

DX Series Zero Clients are truly plug-and-play and can be ready to use in less than 5 minutes. With no local application OS to configure, patch, or update the zero clients are extremely easy to deploy and manage.


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