Amulet Hotkey develops Remote Workstation Cards in multiple form factors to fit into a broad range of PCs and workstation environments and include options for Remote Workstation Cards when you already have a GPU, or want a specific GPU in your workstation.

Key Features and Benefits

Remote Workstation PCIe Card

When a PCIe slot is available:

  • Can provide a more compact solution by fitting inside the workstation case.
  • Can provide full power control and BIOS access/control from the zero client endpoint.
  • Additional option for user configuration of select parameters such as image quality from a systray application on the host workstation.
Which KVM Extender Card?

Amulet Hotkey provide KVM Extender PCIe card options that deliver hardware remote display protocol encoding for zero workstation CPU loading and improved performance compared to software encoders. Both solutions use Teradici PCoIP processors for similar remoting capability.


  • Unique low-profile quad PCIe card to save full-size PCIe slots for GPUs or other cards
  • 250Mpps (million pixels per second) imaging performance using Tera2240 with dual PCoIP Engines
  • Quad display up to 1920×1200
  • Dual display up to 3840x2160
  • Dynamic fan cooling auto adjusts from 0-100% depending on load and environmental conditions
  • TAA compliant


  • DXL2 uses Tera2220 which only has a single PCoIP engine for up to 130Mpps imaging performance
  • DXL2 a low-profile card option if only using dual display up to 1920×1200 or single display up to 3840x2160
  • Passive cooling


  • Full-height, half-length, PCIe card
  • 2-in-1 card to conserve PCIe slots or fit into systems with only a single PCIe slot available
  • Supports select GPU options
  • Option for installing the DXP4 card in an internal-only PCIe slot
Ultra-High Security

Unique features to enhance security

DX Series Zero Clients and Host Cards provide a highly secure and stateless client endpoint with no x86 processor, no hard drive, no local storage, no local GPU and no drivers – all of which reduce the attack surface.

DX Series Zero Clients and Host Cards provide many advanced and unique features such as:

  • Intelligent USB lockdown
  • IEEE 802.1x network authentication, fiber networking
  • Engineered for EMI protection
  • Optional embedded smart card readers
  • Advanced security algorithms such as 256-bit AES and NSA Suite B cryptography
  • TEMPEST model options

Transmit display pixels and not application data

Protect corporate or government information by moving workstations into a data center. Use centralized workstations, virtual workstations, virtual desktop and/or cloud managed desktop solutions to keep sensitive information within the data center and only send encrypted display pixels to the DX Series Zero Client.

World-class Quality and Support

Amulet Hotkey’s long-standing commitment to in-house product design and manufacturing provides a unique level of control and security. In-house design control of the circuit boards, thermal and EMI designs, manufacturing processes, and system architecture enables an enhanced level of quality and technical support.


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