Minimize rack space and maximize security with high performance remote workstation solutions.

Amulet Hotkey CoreStation® remote workstations pack true workstation performance in a data-center-optimized platform, delivering the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors and professional NVIDIA GPUs in less rack space.

Each CoreStation workstation supports one or more professional GPUs to boost display performance and accelerate compute, rendering, simulation, modelling, analytics and deep learning workloads and takes advantage of hardware-based remote display protocol acceleration to eliminate CPU loading and deliver rapid multi-screen encoding to meet the needs of demanding professionals.
PlatformBased on Dell EMC PowerEdge FC640Based on Dell EMC PowerEdge MC640Based on Dell EMC Precision R3930
Workstation GraphicsUp to 16GB video memoryUp to 16GB video memoryUp to 16GB video memory
Displays per WorkstationUp to 8Up to 8Up to 8
Rack Units per Workstation0.5U0.625U1.0U
ProcessorsUp to 2x Intel Xeon Scalable ProcessorsUp to 2x Intel Xeon Scalable ProcessorsUp to 1x Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
Memory per workstationUp to 2TBUp to 2TBUp to 1TB
Remote AccessRemote Workstation Graphics CardRemote Workstation Graphics CardRemote Workstation Graphics Card

Key Features and Benefits

Enable remote work environments with centralized graphic workstations

Centralized workstations for mobility without compromising performance

Remote access to high-performance centralized workstations enable flexible and remote workstyles without compromising on workstation capability, performance or security.

Hardware-based remote display encoding for uncompromised user experience

Gain uncompromised access to high-performance centralized workstations with dedicated client endpoints designed to compliment the remote workstation graphics card in CoreStation workstation products. Accelerated hardware based encoding and decoding of the PCoIP remote display protocol provides uncompromised performance for professionals working with multi-screen and graphically demanding applications.

Mobile devices such as laptops and tablets simply can also be used to decode the remote display protocol, which enables the use of smaller, lower-cost devices with longer battery life, but may do so at the expense of uncompromised performance.

Rack vs Blade Workstation?

Centralizing workstations enable benefits such as improved security, performance, availability and enhanced team productivity and collaboration. Amulet Hotkey CoreStation solutions include options for dedicated blade and rack workstations to meet different user and workload requirements.

Blade Workstation

  • Minimize the data center footprint
  • As low as 0.5U per CoreStation WFC640 dual-socket workstation (4 workstations in 2U)
  • As low as 0.625U per CoreStation WM640 dual-socket workstation (16 workstations in 10U)
  • Support high-end mobile workstation GPUs from NVIDIA
  • Multi-GPU options for WFC640
  • More efficient as blade enclosure consolidates networking, storage, management and power supplies
  • Exceptional manageability, outstanding data security and reliability
  • Increased flexibility when deploying different blade type (workstations, virtual workstations, VDI servers, GPU accelerated HPC) in the same chassis

Rack Workstation

  • Requires more rack space
  • Easier to deploy in smaller quantities
  • Potentially lower acquisition costs
  • 1U per CoreStation WR3930 single-socket workstation
  • Supports professional workstation GPUs from NVIDIA
  • Multi-GPU options including single-width and dual-width GPUs
Dedicated Workstation vs Virtualized Workstation?

Amulet Hotkey CoreStation workstations provide the flexibility to implement either dedicated or virtualized workstations, allowing IT Departments to deliver an agile and scalable architecture with the right level of performance and capability for each user.

Dedicated Workstations

  • One user per workstation
  • Suitable for mission-critical applications or applications that demand multiple GPUs and dedicated compute capacity
  • Hardware remote display protocol encoding eliminates CPU loading and improves performance compared to software-only-based or H.264-based encoders
  • Suitable where security policies require a physically separate network for the remote display protocol
  • High-availability and fail-over options

Virtual Workstations

  • Multiple users per workstation
  • Suitable for applications which can run on shared physical CPU, GPU, and memory resources including occasional or moderate workstation usage
  • Suitable for when software-only-based or H.264 hardware remote display encoding meets user experience requirements
  • Advanced features such as VM migration and VM auto-restart for high-availability
  • Improved agility to adapt to changing organization and workload requirements
CoreStation for PowerEdge FX2, PowerEdge M1000e or Precision R3930 Platforms

Amulet Hotkey provides blade workstation solutions for PowerEdge FX2 and PowerEdge M1000e platforms to give you the flexibility to make the right choice for your deployment and environment.

CoreStation Workstation blades for PowerEdge FX2 chassis

  • Class-leading density with up to 4 dual-socket blade workstations in 2U (0.5U per workstation)
  • Option to support multiple GPUs per blade
  • Deployment flexibility with industry-standard 2U rack  form factor
  • High efficiency by sharing networking, power and cooling across blades in the PowerEdge FX2 chassis

CoreStation Workstation blades for PowerEdge M1000e chassis

  • Class-leading density with up to 16 dual-socket blade workstations in 10U (0.625U per workstation)
  • Option to support multiple GPUs per blade
  • High efficiency by sharing networking, power and cooling across blades in the PowerEdge M1000e chassis

CoreStation Workstation solution leveraging Precision R3930 Rack

  • Dense solution based on a 1U rack form factor.
  • Option to support multiple GPUs per workstation
  • Deployment flexibility with industry-standard 1U rack form factor
  • Based on the Precision R3930 workstation
True Workstation Power and Performance

Professional GPU Options
Each blade incorporates one or more professional NVIDIA GPUs to boost display performance and accelerate compute, rendering, simulation, modeling, analytics or deep learning workloads. Improve productivity for your professionals by selecting from a range of workstation GPU options.

Powerful Single or Dual Processors
Support for one or two Intel® Xeon™ Scalable processors, handing your tough workloads and large datasets.

Hardware Remote Display Protocol Acceleration
Hardware-based remote display protocol acceleration to ensure zero workstation CPU loading and to deliver an exceptional experience to meet the needs of your demanding professionals.

Quad and Octal Display Configurations

Quad display and Octal display options

When using two remote workstation cards, each WFC640 or WM640 blade workstation can support quad display configurations up to 2560×1600 or octal displays up to 1920×1200 without compromising performance or image quality.

Dual and quad display options

The CoreStation WFC640, CoreStation WM640 and CoreStation WR3930 support up to quad display configurations up to 1920×1200 resolution, or dual display up to 2560×1600 resolution using a single remote workstation graphics mezzanine card.

Ultra-High Security

Unique features to enhance security

DX Series Zero Clients and Host Cards provide a highly secure and stateless client endpoint with no x86 processor, no hard drive, no local storage, no local GPU and no drivers – all of which reduce the attack surface.

DX Series Zero Clients provide many advanced and unique features such as:

  • Intelligent USB lockdown
  • IEEE 802.1x network authentication, fiber networking
  • Engineered for EMI protection
  • Optional embedded smart card readers
  • Advanced security algorithms such as 256-bit AES and NSA Suite B cryptography
  • TEMPEST model options

Transmit display pixels and not application data

Protect corporate or government information by moving workstations into a data center. Use centralized workstations, virtual workstations, virtual desktop and/or cloud managed desktop solutions to keep sensitive information within the data center and only send encrypted display pixels to the DX Series Zero Client.

World-class Quality and Support

Amulet Hotkey’s long-standing commitment to in-house product design and manufacturing provides a unique level of control and security. In-house design control of the circuit boards, thermal and EMI designs, manufacturing processes, and system architecture enables an enhanced level of quality and technical support.


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