Amulet Hotkey Delivers Unique Virtual GPU for Dell EMC PowerEdge servers

Amulet Hotkey Delivers Unique Virtual GPU for Dell EMC PowerEdge servers

30 August 2017

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DXG-P6 GPU solution brings NVIDIA Virtual GPU Solutions and Tesla P6 GPU Accelerator to Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G and 13G M-series blade servers.

New York, August 29, 2017 – Amulet Hotkey Inc., a leader in design, manufacturing and system integration for remote physical and virtual workstation solutions, today announced the availability of a new high-performance virtual graphics card for Dell EMC M-series blade servers.

The DXG-P6 virtual graphics card brings the latest NVIDIA® Tesla® P6 GPU accelerator and NVIDIA virtual GPU software to Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G and 13G M-series blade servers. With latest NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture and NVIDIA Quadro® Virtual Data Center Workstation Software (Quadro vDWS), this unique graphics card enables virtual workstation solutions that combine the performance and agility with the efficiency, scalability and manageability of PowerEdge M-series blades. Customers can now support graphics-intensive and compute acceleration applications using the power of the GPU in virtualized environments, allowing users to experience software as it was designed to be experienced.  When run in combination with NVIDIA GRID vPC software the DXG-P6 addresses the growing demand for graphics-accelerated VDI of everyday programs like Windows 10, Office 365, YouTube and others, for a great virtual PC user experience.

Amulet Hotkey developed the DXG-P6 in collaboration with Dell EMC and NVIDIA product engineering teams to deliver a unique solution designed specifically for PowerEdge blade servers. The DXG-P6 can be deployed in new blades or can be used to transform existing blades with GPU acceleration to maximize the return on M-series investments, boost productivity and to support new and tough workloads across entire organizations. Virtualizing workstations increases productivity and team collaboration while enhancing security and uptime. Virtual blade workstations provide an additional benefit of enhanced data center efficiency, simplified management and a significantly reduced footprint in terms of space and power compared to similar rack server platforms.

“We developed the DXG-P6 virtual graphics cards to meet the demanding requirements of financial traders, creative and design professionals while meeting the scalability and agility needs of enterprise IT,” said Andrew Jackson, president, Amulet Hotkey Inc. “Virtual blade workstations using the DXG-P6 is a great complement to our comprehensive solutions that enable any workstation to be centralized for security, high availability, productivity and collaboration.”

“NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators and NVIDIA virtual GPU software dramatically increase the graphics and compute performance of virtual blade workstations to handle large datasets and advanced enterprise visualization,” said Bob Pette, vice president, professional visualization, NVIDIA. “Customers working with large datasets, complex models or graphics-intensive productivity applications found in Windows 10 can turn with confidence to high-density blades integrating Tesla, NVIDIA virtualization software, Dell EMC and Amulet Hotkey technology.”

“Innovators like Amulet Hotkey are working with Dell EMC OEM solutions to drive data center efficiency and performance while delivering maximum return on investment for their customers,” said Joyce Mullen, senior vice president and general manager, Global OEM and IoT Solutions, Dell EMC. “The integration of NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators, NVIDIA virtual GPU software and Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G blade servers demonstrates our commitment to helping customers boldly innovate on existing equipment and accelerate success.”

“Combining NVIDIA Pascal and the Quadro vDWS software with Dell EMC blade servers greatly expands our ability to help architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and manufacturing firms realize the benefits of graphics virtualization,” said Adam Jull, CEO, IMSCAD Global. “Graphics-intensive applications that could not previously be virtualized due to performance constraints can now be centralized without compromising the user experience.”

Amulet Hotkey DXG-P6 benefits:

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The DXG-P6 card can be ordered for Dell EMC PowerEdge M630 blades now. Contact Amulet Hotkey for availability of the DXG-P6 with Dell EMC PowerEdge M640 blades.

For more information contact Amulet Hotkey or visit

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1 Based on Amulet Hotkey internal testing using the DXG-P6 and DXG-M6 in a CoreStation® VM630 blade server.

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