Amulet Hotkey’s latest DX series ultra thin client is IGEL Ready

14 December 2022

London, 14 December 2022Amulet Hotkey, the trusted choice for power, agility, and security for mission critical and data intensive workloads, today announced its latest DX series ultra thin clients – the DX1600 and DX1300 – are IGEL READY.  

In November, IGEL announced ending its production of IGEL branded hardware to focus on delivering its managed endpoint operating system for the modern workplace.  

“It’s great news that that our latest DX series clients are IGEL READY” said Tom Cole, Director Product Management at Amulet Hotkey. “We are able to offer choice from the best OS providers, which not only enhances the DX1600 & DX1300 but also means the customer can choose what works best for them”.   

Designed for ultimate user experience that give with 24/7 reliability and security   

The DX1600 and DX1300 are compact and feature rich offering a powerful AMD Ryzen embedded core processor, high frame rate 4k/UHD graphics capabilities with support for 2x or 4x 4k displays at 60Hz.   

Intended for industries that will require high level processing power, the innovative design allows passive cooling, ensuring 24/7×365 uptime while also removing mechanical failure and placement limitations associated with fan cooling.  

All our clients are engineered with enterprise level security including robust encryption and advanced security algorithms, that guarantee the security of people and data. IGEL’s read-only, modular OS reduces attack surface and gives confidence that endpoint devices are protected. 

What separates the two options is the DX1600’s enhancements to support the most demanding workloads, while the DX1300 is intended to be plug and play as a rapidly deployable option. 


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