Join Amulet Hotkey at IGEL Secure: Discover how you can elevate your computer with cutting-edge thin client solutions.

Join Amulet Hotkey at IGEL Secure: Discover how you can elevate your computer with cutting-edge thin client solutions.

29 May 2024

Mark your calendars for an unmissable event in the heart of London.

On June 12th 2024, IGEL Secure brings together key vendors and strategic partners for a day packed with informative sessions and networking opportunities. Designed specifically for tech leaders, decision-makers and specifiers in the FS&I sector, this event is set to be a cornerstone for driving digital transformation, increasing flexibility and enhancing security in the industry.

Amulet Hotkey at IGEL Secure

We are proud to announce that Amulet Hotkey will be a lead sponsor at IGEL Secure. With our extensive experience in the financial sector, we will showcase how our thin client solutions can revolutionise your business operations. Furthermore, attendees will be able to engage with the team, experience live demonstrations and participate in breakout session where our team will provide valuable insights.

What we are delivering for attendees:

Live demonstrations:

Visit our stand to see a live demonstration of our DX1500 and DX1700 thin client solutions, specifically tailored for the financial services industry. Experience firsthand how these solutions can integrate seamlessly with trading software, providing a secure, fast, and flexible digital workspace.

Book a One-to-One consultation:

Don’t miss the chance to book a one-on-one consultation with James Grundon, Amulet’s Solutions Director & Head of FS&I. Discuss your specific requirements and explore how Amulet Hotkey’s solutions can enhance your disaster recovery capabilities, support remote working, and centralise compute for increased efficiency and security.

Attend “Secure By Design” interactive session:

This informative and interactive session will deliver valuable insights into how to deliver a rounded FS&I solution. It will also dive deeper into how Amulet Hotkey thin client range works in partnership with IGEL’s enterprise Endpoint OS, delivering secure, fast access to digital workspaces for financial services organizations.


Why attend IGEL Secure

IGEL Secure is designed to bring together key vendors and strategic partners in one place, delivering an informative and interactive day. Beyond connecting with industry experts and networking with like-minded peers, IGEL Secure promises a wealth of additional benefits and opportunities.

Connect with Industry Experts and Leaders:

IGEL Secure is set to offer a unique environment where you can meet and network with the senior IGEL team, industry leaders, peers, and experts from the financial services sector. Engage in thought-provoking discussions and gain insights from keynote sessions led by prominent speakers.

Interactive Breakout Sessions:

The afternoon session offers focused vertical breakout sessions tailored to your interests. Choose from sessions such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Channel, or “Now and Next: Crafting the Modern Workspace in 90 Minutes.” Each session is designed to provide strategic, hands-on insights that you can directly apply to your business.

Explore the Solution Centre and Vendor Village:

Throughout the day, take advantage of the opportunity to have individual conversations with sponsors in the Solution Centre and Vendor Village. This is your chance to see live demonstrations, explore new technologies, and discuss your specific needs with experts.

The wider benefits Amulet Hotkey delivers to the FS&I sector

Amulet Hotkey’s thin client solutions offer numerous advantages tailored to the unique needs of the financial services and insurance sectors. Our technology provides robust disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring that your operations can continue seamlessly in the face of unexpected disruptions. This is critical for maintaining trust and continuity in financial services, where downtime can have significant consequences.

Moreover, our solutions are designed to support remote working, enabling your workforce to stay productive and secure from any location. This flexibility is essential in today’s dynamic work environment, allowing financial institutions to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and maintain operational efficiency.

Much of this knowledge and experience has been developed from our long-standing presence in the global defence and security sectors, where mission-critical demands and performance are the norm. This ensures that our solutions continue to meet the very highest standards of performance and reliability.

How to attend?

Click here to register for IGEL Secure, or to book a one-to-one consultation with James click here.

You can stay connected with us for the latest updates and insights on how Amulet Hotkey can transform your digital workspace. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for more information.


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