The Charming Shortcut – Mar ’23

The Charming Shortcut – Mar ’23

30 March 2023

A note from the CEO

The debate continues with what is the best working set up – do people work better in the office? At home? A mixture of both? Or perhaps ‘remote working’ doesn’t automatically assume ‘home office’?

What we believe, is that companies need to be agile and free to make the choice that suits them – with the flexibility to change their mind!

Our mission at Amulet Hotkey is to supply the infrastructure that empowers businesses to have that freedom of choice, with the confidence in technology that is as performant in remote locations as it is in the office, and just as secure.

We have recently launched two new products that expand our portfolio, to continue to do just that. Read on to find out more, register for our webinar and meet the team!

Stewart Holness
Executive Chairman

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