Amulet Hotkey and Stratodesk: Powering the Future of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

17 August 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses are increasingly adopting virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions to streamline operations, enhance security, and optimize productivity. Two industry-leading companies, Amulet Hotkey and Stratodesk, have joined forces to revolutionize the VDI space, offering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and management capabilities. This blog post explores the exciting collaboration between Amulet Hotkey and Stratodesk and the game-changing solutions they bring to the market.

The Power of Amulet Hotkey:

Amulet Hotkey is a renowned provider of remote workstation, virtualization, and remote access solutions. With a focus on high-performance computing, Amulet Hotkey’s cutting-edge technology enables users to seamlessly access graphics-intensive applications and data from anywhere, using any device. Their solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, and government, empowering organizations with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

The Expertise of Stratodesk:

Stratodesk is a leading provider of a secure, endpoint operating system and a robust management platform that provides secure, reliable access to VDI from any PC, Thin Client, or Laptop from anywhere. Their core solution, Stratodesk NoTouch, simplifies the deployment and management of VDI/cloud endpoints, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency for IT administrators. Stratodesk’s software is compatible with a variety of hardware, including thin clients, PCs, and Raspberry Pi devices, making it a versatile choice for organizations of all sizes.

Collaboration Benefits:

The collaboration between Stratodesk and Amulet Hotkey yields a holistic solution that addresses the complex interplay between performance and security. As a pure software specialist, Stratodesk offers its customers Stratodesk PLUS certified hardware such as the high-performance workstation DX1600 & DX1300 from Amulet Hotkey with NoTouch OS preinstalled, ready to be managed with NoTouch Center. By leveraging Amulet Hotkey’s prowess in secure, high-performance computing solutions for global enterprise, defense, and government markets and Stratodesk’s expertise in hyper-secure endpoint OS and management businesses can enjoy the benefits of both companies.

Enhanced Performance and User Experience:

Amulet Hotkey’s cutting-edge hardware solutions, such as PCoIP zero clients and remote workstations, combined with Stratodesk’s optimized software, ensure smooth and responsive virtual desktop experiences. Users can enjoy graphics-intensive applications, video streaming, and collaborative workflows without compromising performance, regardless of their location.

Streamlined Management and Security:

Stratodesk’s software simplifies the management of VDI endpoints, ensuring centralized control and streamlined updates. IT administrators can easily configure, monitor, and update their virtual desktop infrastructure, reducing maintenance costs and improving security. The combination of Amulet Hotkey’s secure remote access solutions and Stratodesk’s comprehensive endpoint management further enhances data protection, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Amulet Hotkey and Stratodesk’s collaborative solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling organizations to adapt to evolving business needs. With support for a wide range of devices and operating systems, businesses can leverage their existing infrastructure and maximize ROI. Whether deploying virtual desktops for a few users or scaling up to thousands of endpoints, the joint offerings from Amulet Hotkey and Stratodesk provide the scalability required to meet organizational demands.

The collaboration between Amulet Hotkey and Stratodesk brings forth a powerful and comprehensive VDI solution for businesses across various industries. By combining Amulet Hotkey’s high-performance remote workstations and virtualization capabilities with Stratodesk’s efficient endpoint management software, organizations can achieve enhanced performance, streamlined management, and robust security. As the demand for remote work and virtualization continues to rise, the collaboration between Amulet Hotkey and Stratodesk proves to be a game-changer in the VDI space, empowering businesses to embrace the future of flexible, secure, and scalable desktop infrastructure.

Amulet Hotkey Marketing Manager Lee Pearce headshot By Lee Pearce, Marketing Manager at Amulet Hotkey


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