Amulet Hotkey Launches DX3240 to Deliver High Performance Ultra Thin Client for Hybrid Work Environments

Amulet Hotkey Launches DX3240 to Deliver High Performance Ultra Thin Client for Hybrid Work Environments

06 October 2021

London, 6 October 2021 – Leading remote computing solutions specialist, Amulet Hotkey, has announced the launch of an ultra-high performance thin-client solution, designed to offer professionals working remotely a user experience as close to office standard as possible.

Built on top of Dell’s Precision 3240 compact workstation, the Amulet Hotkey DX3240 is preinstalled with Stratodesk NoTouch OS providing customers with enterprise-grade security, work environment flexibility, ease of use, and the fastest thin client operating system that is always up to date.

DX3240 maximises performance by taking advantage of Teradici PCoIP® Ultra Performance to securely connect to an organisation’s data center to deliver a truly lossless, color-accurate and sustained user experience.

Amulet Hotkey’s DX3240 – High frame rate graphics with no loss of performance.

The Amulet Hotkey DX3240 is further configured with a discrete GPU for 4k/UHD monitor connectivity, enabling high frame rate graphics workloads. This unique addition means users experience graphics-heavy workloads across multiple screens for remarkable productivity.

“Our DX3240 Thin Client offers users ultra-secure remote working with lag-free high performance”, explained Sean Copeland, Product Director, Amulet Hotkey. “This powerful and versatile combination is ideally suited for the demanding remote or virtualized desktop computing environments that our customers rely on every day.”

Teradici and Stratodesk welcome Amulet Hotkey’s DX3240.

Brian Lowe, VP, OEM Sales for Teradici, HP commented, “Teradici PCoIP technology unlocks remote performance, allowing Amulet Hotkey’s DX3240 to deliver a remote or hybrid working experience that’s indistinguishable from being in the office. Our virtual workspace architecture compresses, encrypts and transmits only pixels from data-center to endpoint, ensuring not only great performance but a highly secure enterprise environment.”

Commenting from the leading global innovator in EUC operating system software, Rich Severson, VP of Global Solutions Engineering at Stratodesk adds, “As a newly accredited Stratodesk PLUS partner, Stratodesk and Amulet Hotkey have integrated to provide robust and uncompromised performance virtual endpoint solutions for our joint customers. The DX3240 offering is the first of many future joint solutions ideal for hybrid workers requiring high performance. This solution leverages our flagship Stratodesk No Touch OS optimized to deliver the most powerful, up-to-date and secure thin client experience.”

Launching with a powerful Intel Core i5 CPU, integrated discrete GPU, leveraging Stratodesk NoTouch OS and PCoIP Ultra Performance for optimal remote desktop experience, and offering secure 256-bit AES encryption, the DX3420 guarantees the performance, security and flexibility needed for Enterprise-level remote working.

For additional information, please join the Stratodesk TechTalk with Amulet Hotkey and Teradici to learn more about the DX3240 offering, its market differentiation and use cases:

Title: World’s Most Powerful Thin Client

When: Wednesday, October 27th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT


Rich Severson, VP Global Solution Engineering at Stratodesk

Sean Copeland, VP, Business Development and Director, Product Management at Amulet Hotkey

Arjen van der Meulen, Director, Product Management for Teradici, HP

Register: www.stratodesk.com/events/register-for-techtalk-6/

For more information about DX3240 visit: https://www.amulethotkey.com/dx3240-ultra-thin-client/


About Amulet Hotkey

Amulet Hotkey have over 25 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and integration of high-performance computing solutions for global enterprise, defence, and government markets. Solutions deliver advanced cyber-security enabling remote, physical, and virtual workstations that integrate GPU accelerated servers, secure hosting cards, zero and thin client desktops and KVM switches. The company provides market leading performance to its core customer base of Global 2000 clients for applications including big data, graphics-intensive computing, accelerated virtual desktops and machine learning.

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Erica Bennett – Marketing Manager


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