Ultra Thin-Client for Hybrid Work Environments

The DX3240 delivers professionals working remotely a user experience as close to office standards as possible

In partnership with

Powerful and Versatile

The DX3240 is ideally suited for demanding remote or virtualized desktop computing environments

Work from anywhere

Enterprise level security

High frame rate graphics workloads

Guaranteed performance, security, and flexibility

High Security

Pre-installed with Stratodesk NoTouch OS and Teradici PCoIP® technology to bring together enterprise-grade security and power providing the optimal virtual endpoint experience.

Dedicated GPU

Configured with a discrete GPU for 4K/UHD quad monitor connectivity, enabling high frame rate graphics workloads. This unique addition means users can experience graphics-heavy workloads across multiple screens for remarkable productivity.

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DX3240 High Performance Ultra Thin-Client

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Launching a High Performance Thin-Client for Hybrid Work


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