Amulet Hotkey Showcases Virtual GPU solutions for Dell Blades at Dell EMC World 2017

Amulet Hotkey Showcases Virtual GPU solutions for Dell Blades at Dell EMC World 2017

08 May 2017

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Las Vegas, May 8, 2017 – Amulet Hotkey Ltd., a leader in design, manufacturing and system integration for remote physical and virtual workstation solutions will showcase unique workstations that combine NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards with Dell EMC PowerEdgeTM blade servers in booth #291 at Dell EMC World Las Vegas May 8-11.

“We invite Dell EMC World attendees to transform their modular infrastructure to support any workload,” said Andrew Jackson, President and CEO, Amulet Hotkey Inc. “Our solutions bring professional GPUs and virtual GPUs to Dell modular infrastructure to deliver security, agility as well as anywhere and anytime access to performance graphics workstations.”

Recharge at our booth collaboration space with a couch and phone/tablet charging station. Ask our experts about the following key solutions:

Virtual blade workstations

DXZ PCoIP Zero clients – including models certified for NATO

Amulet Hotkey Showcase Secure Ops & Simulation Solutions MilSim Asia 2017

For more information visit or contact Amulet Hotkey.

About Amulet Hotkey

Amulet Hotkey is a proven innovator in design, manufacturing and system integration of high availability solutions for remote physical or virtual workstation, as well as virtual and cloud desktop that are optimized for both mission and business critical applications to deliver robust, secure and uncompromised performance backed up by world-class support. Amulet Hotkey partners with leading manufacturers of data center, cloud and virtualization technologies that enable them to bring to market unique solutions tailored to enterprise IT needs for a truly flexible and scalable computing architecture. Amulet Hotkey customers include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises as well as local and federal governments. The Amulet Hotkey solutions are deployed in command and control, emergency call centers, investment banks, oil & gas, CAD designers, digital content creation, and post production studios around the world.Amulet Hotkey was founded in 1990, and is headquartered in the UK where design and manufacturing facilities are based with sales, support and technology centers in London and New York. For more information see

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