Amulet Hotkey Launches CoreStation™ RX350 Remote Workstation

Amulet Hotkey Launches CoreStation™ RX350 Remote Workstation

14 February 2023

The latest offering in the CoreStation series, the RX350, is a custom engineered, compact rack workstation designed to deliver high performance within minimal data center footprint  

London, 15 February 2023 – Amulet Hotkey, the trusted choice for power, agility, and security for mission critical and data intensive workloads, has announced the launch of the CoreStation RX350 rack workstation.  

The RX350 is part of the Amulet Hotkey’s CoreStation remote workstation suite of products. CoreStation was designed to respond to modern working practices to offer organizations scalability and agility. The RX350 delivers more performance in 1U rack space utilizing cost effective underlying hardware, making it uniquely powerful, while being economic and compact.  

People come to Amulet Hotkey when their businesses need more performance than they’d get off the shelf. What’s great about this latest RX product, is that it balances gaining performance with efficiency, space, and overall cost” said Stewart Holness, Executive Chairman at Amulet Hotkey.  

Performance at scale  

With high CPU clock speeds, the RX350 is ideal for workloads such as financial trading, where many applications depend on single threaded CPU performance. A dedicated NVIDIA RTX GPU provides support for a wide range of workstation applications and best remote user experience 

“Customers who deploy remote workstations at scale emphasize the importance of an enterprise class management solution – something other vendors in the market cannot offer” said Tom Cole, Product Director at Amulet Hotkey. “Leveraging Dell PowerEdge hardware, we deliver a remote workstation product that meets their feature, performance and management demands” he adds. 

As with all CoreStation products, the RX350 works seamlessly with our secure thin and zero clients, offering a unique end-to-end solution.  

Custom engineered for enhanced compute performance  

Users of the RX350 can be confident in the enterprise level features which includes Intel Xeon E-2300 processors, with base clock speeds of 3.7GHz and boost up to 5.1 GHz. Plus, NVIDIA professional RTX GPUs, including the powerful RTX A2000 with 12GB memory    

The result is an easy to manage solution that gives users remote connection at fast speeds, with exceptional and responsive desktop experience.  

Find out more about CoreStation and the RX350 here:  



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