Amulet Hotkey launches next generation of DX series ultra thin client designed to support remote, hybrid and collaborative working

Amulet Hotkey launches next generation of DX series ultra thin client designed to support remote, hybrid and collaborative working

07 July 2022

London, 7 July 2022 – Amulet Hotkey, the trusted choice for power, agility and security for mission critical and data intensive workloads, today announced the launch of its latest DX series ultra thin clients – the DX1600 and DX1300.

With businesses needing to support workers in any location, the latest additions to the DX series are a further enhancement to their Agile Work Environments solutions – enabling workforces to be productive from any location.

“Remote and hybrid users need flexibility as well as performance – the DX1600 and DX1300 deliver both,” says Tom Cole, Product Director at Amulet Hotkey. “Our new ultra thin clients put a lot of performance capabilities into a flexible, compact design, which is able to support any remote workstation protocol that the chosen OS supports.”

Flexible, secure and easy to manage for a better user experience

 This latest addition to the DX series has enhanced flexibility, with users able to select from multiple thin client Operating Systems including Stratodesk NoTouch OS, IGEL OS and Windows IoT, which is preinstalled for easy to manage deployment.

“Security and mobility in a post-pandemic, hybrid work world is driving an industry-wide shift to cloud workspaces accessed by high performance endpoints powered and secured by Stratodesk’s NoTouch OS,” says Stratodesk Alliances VP, Ricardo Antuna. “We’ve been working with Amulet Hotkey for years to customize and validate our OS and cloud management, to not only address current and future challenges faced by IT leaders, but also to leverage Amulet’s latest hardware innovations.”

As with any Amulet Hotkey product, the DX1600 and DX1300 benefit from a proven secure solution with Stratodesk NoTouch OS and PCoIP® Software Client from Teradici®, an HP company, offering enterprise level security, ensuring data remains secure in the data center rather than vulnerable on end point devices.

Both devices are fully upgradable to future Zero Trust architectures as they become available.

Innovative design delivering performance with 24/7 reliability in demanding environments

Compact and feature rich, the DX1600 and DX1300 clients offer a powerful AMD Ryzen embedded core processor, high frame rate 4k/UHD graphics capabilities, plus enhanced audio and video capabilities.

Intended for industries that will require this level of processing power, the DX1600 and DX1300 are innovatively designed for passive cooling. This ensures 24/7×365 uptime while also removing mechanical failure associated with fan cooling.

What separates the two options is the DX1600’s enhancements to support the most demanding workloads, while the DX1300 is intended to be plug and play as a rapidly deployable option.

“The DX1600 and DX1300 are designed to handle demanding workloads – be it processing market data for traders, managing video production in media suites or enabling remote command and control centers,” says Tony Hilliard, Chief Commercial Officer at Amulet Hotkey. “We have been working in these industries for 30 years, so we know how to engineer products to provide options that responds to those needs.”


About Amulet Hotkey

Amulet Hotkey has over 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and integration of high-performance computing solutions for global enterprise, defense, and government markets. Solutions deliver advanced cyber-security enabling remote, physical and virtual workstations that integrate GPU accelerated servers, secure hosting cards, zero and thin client desktops and KVM switches. The company provides market leading performance to its core customer base of Global 2000 clients for applications including big data, graphics-intensive computing, accelerated virtual desktops and machine learning.

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