The Charming Shortcut – Sep ’22

28 September 2022

A note from the CEO

You haven’t heard from us often enough with company updates, and we plan to change that via our quarterly newsletter, aptly named ‘The Charming Shortcut’.

Why may you ask? 

Well, Amulet, by another name is a good luck charm, and I’m sure I don’t need to explain a Hotkey!

So, here we have our first edition that aims to bring you the latest news, product updates, events and so on.

First off, I’d like to say thank you for continuing to be part of the Amulet Hotkey community. Your ongoing custom and partnerships have meant the business continues to be successful and we are able to invest in innovations that will, ultimately, benefit you.

It’s been some months now, but you have probably noticed our new website and logo? This is a welcome step on our evolution to a brand we think reflects the company we are today. For any partners who need a copy of our new logo, you can reply directly to this email, and you’ll reach our marketing manager.

Download The Charming Shortcut – Sep for the latest news and keep an eye out for The Charming Shortcut dropping into you inbox each quarter!

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