The CoreStation Way

The CoreStation Way

13 June 2024

What is CoreStation™ from Amulet Hotkey and why are firms switching onto the benefits for modern trading environments? Here we explore the benefits of remote workstations in financial trading.

Great trading environments boost productivity. And with more firms switching onto the benefits of agile working, our pioneering approach to IT infrastructure – which has evolved over the last 30 years and more – is unlocking benefits across the industry.

What is CoreStation™?

The CoreStation™ range of remote workstations from Amulet Hotkey provides traders with the technology on which to build a successful remote access compute resource.

Our solution combines powerful, dedicated remote workstations with class-leading virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) capabilities, giving organisations the power to respond swiftly to change and enable their employees to work from anywhere, with no compromise on performance.

With CoreStation™, you can benefit from Single and Dual socket Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processers up to 128 cores per workstation, enterprise-grade reliability and best in class density. All with enterprise-grade iDRAC management for 100% remote deployment, update and control. You can find out more about the solutions here.

How does it work?

Our remote workstations work by moving the data-intensive compute away from the desk, and into a local comms room, data centre or private/hybrid cloud. It reduces power and cooling costs, streamlines maintenance and enables traders to operate with far greater agility – something that is becoming increasingly important to boost productivity and enable Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs).

Our approach is proven over the last 30 years and since the accelerated growth of agile working, more and more organisations are unlocking the benefits. The theory is simple – in the modern trading environment, the trading floor is not the most effective place to store compute infrastructure. CoreStation™ lets you dial into that compute from anywhere.

What are the benefits?

With CoreStation™, even the most demanding users can unlock secure and compliant remote access, for enhanced collaboration, flexibility and productivity.

We’ll cover these benefits in more detail in a later blog, but with remote workstations, users can:

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